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I'm on a mission to help people live the life they want need.

Mister keefe

About Me

Simply put, I'm a ‘jack of all trades’ and I have over 10 years of experience as a solopreneur. People typically hire me for my point of view when it comes to business and style. I’m a natural problem solver and my superpower is meeting people where they are.

Mister Keefe

The Coach

I believe many of us are chained to lies that we've told ourselves and as a result, it leaves us feeling stagnant and unable to move forward.As your coach, it’s my responsibility to partner with you and push you forward. I do this by crafting you a personal playbook that meets your needs and goals.If you’re looking for guidance, resources, or strategies to enhance your personal and business life, then let's talk and see where it takes us.

Mister Keefe

The Curator

Many of us desire to surround ourselves with like-minded people but we struggle to make those connections.As a curator, I've made it my responsibility to create environments that enlighten your senses and connect you with people that inspire you.If you’re looking to grow and engage with others, I encourage you to join my guest list. You can expect invitations to soirées, workshops, and symposiums.

Mister Keefe

The Consultant

I’ve come to the conclusion that style is made up of one’s character, whereas fashion is a wardrobe of commodities.As your style consultant, I can teach you the principles of style and provide you with solutions that accommodate your lifestyle.If you’re looking to elevate your image, strengthen your style IQ, or increase your influence, then let’s talk and see where it takes us.

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